Bring customers to your front door

Seekers navigate to chests using the Seek Map in hopes of winning something when opening a chest. By placing a Seek Chest outside your front door with offers from your brand, you can attract deal-seeking customers into your store or restaurant.

Bring excitement to your brand.

By placing your company's products and discounts inside the global loot table, any time a Seeker opens a chest anywhere, they have a chance of receiving something from you. Increase the effectiveness of your giveaways by targeting users who have expressed interest in products related your brand.

Drop a special event chest.

Everybody loves opening treasure chests! They want to know what kinds of goodies could be waiting for them. You can drop a chest on top of your sporting event, expo, party, or corporate get-together and give away randomized prizes through a Seek chest. Sponsor a hike to a local hideout or drop your product right in the middle of Times Square! A fraction of the cost of a billboard, and far more trackable interaction and ROI than anything else available.

Ready to engage with Seek?

If you are a brand that would like to advertise through Seek, you can do so here. Consumers remember what they do, not what they see.